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Get the Memo? It's Admin Professionals Week

A Holiday? At Work?
Holiday gift baskets typically bring to mind grandmas, husbands, children, or other loved ones. The word "holiday" conjures up images of family and warm feelings; it doesn't typically bring forth fond recollections of the 9 to 5 workday. In a lot of countries, "holiday" literally means, "time off of work." So how did Administrative Professionals Week, a time dedicated to the denizens of the daily grind, come about? No matter what industry you call your own, a day at the modern-day office without admins would stop faster than a sled on sandpaper. Administrative Professionals Week is a holiday dedicated to the individuals who grease the wheels and keep the keyboards clicking, and should be number-one on every boss's "to-do" list.

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So Much More Than a Secretary
It started in 1952 as "National Secretaries Day." It was devised by the president of what's now called the IAAP, the president of Dictaphone Corporation (it's like an iPad), and a clever publicist named Harry Klemfuss, whose name is more fun to say than it is to spell. National Secretaries Week was all about creating positive publicity for the profession. When folks heard the phrase "secretary," they pictured a woman sitting outside an office, taking orders, and bringing coffee to an ungrateful boss. Wrong on many levels (well, maybe not the ungrateful boss part, but that's what the holiday aims to rectify). This is a professional position that is integral to every business and its potential for growth is equally great. National Secretaries Week was a successful attempt to counteract that nonsense by bringing positive attention to a vital sector of the workforce.

A Weekening Case
Today, the word secretary has been dropped entirely in favor of the more-inclusive and descriptive "Administrative Professionals Week." That's right - week! And don't let your boss forget it! Members of the staff should receive gifts, flowers, a group lunch out of the office, or even - for the lucky ones - time off! All of these things can be given in gift basket form. Yes, even time-off. Bosses, get creative and hand out a" Just Because" gift basket with a personalized note inside that says, "Take the rest of the day for yourself." (smiley face signature optional).

The not-so-lucky often spend their Administrative Professionals Week attending seminars or other training "opportunities"... yay. Note: if you're an employer looking at this and you've already got seminars planned, make sure to get your staff gifts as well. Morale is key to any business; don't be "that guy."

Monday Funday?
Remember, try not to look glum as you begin the last full week of April. At any moment, your intrepid boss is likely to send a Spa basket your way. We hope.

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