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Giving a Corporate Gift Basket

When your job is to prove that you know your coworkers and clients.
Go ahead, pat yourself on the back: You've decided to go with corporate gift baskets as the ideal workplace gift for any occasion. But you're not out of the woods completely, because even gift basket shopping can be a minefield of potential faux pas. You must consider the recipient, the occasion, and your relationship with the recipient before proceeding to checkout. Oh, Now It's Personal! As you clawed your way to the top of the corporate ladder, did you pause to make personal connections with your employees, coworkers, and clients? Hopefully, you did, because sending a gift basket with a personalized touch is the best way to build workplace rapport.

If not, take time now to do some investigative work while you make small talk. Find out your recipient's favorite hobbies (sports), foods (chocolate covered strawberries), or beverages (coffee), then choose a gift basket accordingly. Out of time to snoop? Go with an assortment basket; you're sure to hit the mark with at least one item, and it's the thought that counts.

Another thing to consider is that even if you pick the perfect gift basket one year, try not to keep sending the same one every time. The repetition can get boring, and your recipient may take the gift for granted- or worse, feel taken for granted!

However, it may not be practical to make each gift basket unique to the individual recipient if you work in a megacorporation or have had limited contact with your overseas client, so just consider the company's culture to choose a theme. A cookie bouquet is great for a vendor of kids' toys but not for a conservative law firm, where a gourmet wine basket may be more appropriate. Mark The Occasion Consider the occasion when choosing a gift basket. Holiday gift baskets can be festive and extravagant, while a simple "Thank You" basket may be smaller and more informal (like a cookie bouquet). When a colleague gets a promotion or lands a new account, choose a sophisticated gourmet basket to say "Congratulations" with style. Relationship Issues Here's where gift-giving in an office gets sticky. How much is too much (or too little) to spend on a gift basket? What if a spa package to my female secretary is misinterpreted, or the coffee basket somehow offends my tea-drinking client? Can I send a personalized beer and BBQ basket to my friendly assistant and a generic chocolate basket to the assistant I don't know as well?

If I give up and send the same basket to everyone, will I look like I'm being fair or like I'm out of touch?

We can't answer these questions for you, but we can assure you that whatever you decide, you'll be able to find the perfect gift basket here at

Unless you know the recipient's tastes for sure, go with the old standby: a nice assortment basket, which will cover all the bases. You can always redeem yourself next year.

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