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Anniversary Gift Basket Ideas

Maintaining a relationship is hard work - let them stay home and relax with a spa gift basket.
Instead of wasting time trying to find out if this anniversary is Paper, China, Silver, or Spaghetti, why not spend a little more time coming up with unique gift basket ideas? We've been around for a while, and have seen our share of anniversaries - here are a few anniversary gift ideas of our own. Remember, most baskets can work wonderfully for the anniversary of your parents, relatives, friends, or even your own special day. Anniversary Gift Baskets These baskets full of assorted massagers, bath salts, and candles will have the lucky lovers living in luxury for weeks! Relaxation and rejuvenation is something that we don't spend enough time on in our day to day lives. What better time to remind them of what comfort and pampering feel like than their anniversary? However, if you're looking for a gift that doesn't require a tub to be enjoyed or maybe something just a little more traditional, consider gourmet food and drink for a less personal idea.

Gourmet items are always a welcome surprise. Unlike those forgetful kids of theirs, you know what those two turtledoves like to peck. Cheese and wine arrangements are lovely and great for those who have refined taste. Chardonnay, cabernet, merlot; no matter what wine they enjoy the most, you'll likely find it in one of our specially designed baskets. If the happy couple is at a major marriage milestone (but what number of years isn't a milestone these days?) it might be good to throw in a bottle of champagne as well. Sweets like cookies, cakes, and candies are also a nice treat; a trip around is sure to yield whatever assortment you think will get the couple salivating. Our gourmet chocolate covered strawberries are a favorite for any romantic occasion, so be sure to give those a glance. Custom Gift Basket Ideas Is the couple caffeinated? If they start and end their days with a little liquid lubrication, a tea or coffee gift basket just might get them going. They'd think of you and your gift every morning as they sip a gourmet drink. If standing out as the most thoughtful gift is your bag - or in this case, basket - an assortment of fresh fruits makes a beautiful presentation that will sit as a centerpiece in the couple's home for days. Accompany it with some dip or topping to take the edge off of all that healthy.

A card, and don't forget to include a card, is important. You are the most important part of any gift you give, and a card will help you stand out. It doesn't need to be a soliloquy or a sonnet; just a few simple words on a note or inside of a card that state how happy you are for the couple and how outstanding their anniversary truly is. Just think of what you'd like to hear from the special people in your own life on your anniversary and then put those words to paper. The most beautiful anniversary idea is as simple as that! A personal touch makes any gift better. Tickets to an upcoming event? A CD or movie of special significance slipped inside the gift basket? Maybe a sparkling piece of jewelry? You rogue! The more creative you get the more memorable the present will become. Don't be afraid to show how much you care!

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