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New Baby Gift Basket Ideas

The baby is here - smiling, crying, and burping in full force - and you want give the parents a nicer message than, "see you in 18 years." A gift basket is fun, easy-to-send, and super-great for brand-new parents because everything is right there, wrapped up with a bow. You're on the right track so far, but you need gift basket ideas. What sort of baby gift basket do you want to give? What are you trying to say? Is the gift more for the baby or for the parents? They both deserve something special, and there's a gift basket out there made to please the whole new family.

Lucky Ducky Baby Gift Basket

Gift Basket Ideas for the Baby
Teddy bears, farm animals, giraffes, ducks, lions, piggies, unicorns; fictional or realistic, there's a stuffed animal that's as cute and cuddly little boys or girls it'll accompany. Gift baskets with stufties are a failsafe - you'll definitely get a giggle with one of these, but it's a safe bet the beautiful baby will get countless stuffed animals. But what other gift basket ideas could the little one have fun with? Why not a gift basket that's shaped like a rocket ship or a car? As soon as it's emptied of its wonderful contents, the basket becomes a toy! How about a basket with a book? Unless he's a real smarty, the child won't be able to use it immediately - but it'll be there down the road. Wouldn't it be great to know their favorite bedtime story came from the baby gift basket you gave them? Educational books are available too, like the ones from the Little Einstein series. It's important to find a gift basket with a few fun items, some necessities, and one or two items that the kid won't outgrow in a week or two.

Once you've got your gift basket idea, consider some thoughtful add-ons. A new baby gets more photo opportunities than Justin Beiber, so why not add a picture frame to your gift basket? Or clothes - babies are prone to overflow, so there are never enough pajamas, onesies, t-shirts, pants, bibs, or caps. Yep; there's a gift basket for that.

Gift Basket Ideas for the Parents
Ah, the parents. While there isn't a bad gift basket idea for someone bumbling with a new bundle of joy, there are those ideas that go the extra mile. A good, sturdy gift basket can be repurposed to carry essentials. Speaking of which, consider finding a gift basket with a few extra blankets or burp cloths or adding these things yourself. The more they have, the less often they'll have to do laundry and, honestly, don't they have their hands full enough as it is? If they're lucky enough to have two tiny tots, there are twin gift basket sets available with twice fun. You can add a personalized message or name to most gift baskets, separating yours from the shower of gifts that's going to rain down on these new parents.

But if you really want to stand out, forget the baby! Seriously. New parents are exhausted - try a gift basket idea that's just for them. A food & gourmet gift basket would be amazing. They're clearly not going to eat out for a while, and preparing regular meals is going to be a hassle. So get them a few gourmet snacks so that they can get through the day without their stomachs grumbling too much or running out of steam completely. And for those moments when they actually do get some downtime, a relaxation/spa gift basket would be a godsend.

Don't waste anymore time! The baby's getting bigger and crankier by the minute and the parents can use all the help they can get. Get out there and find the perfect gift basket so that they all know you're happy for them and are here to lend a helping hand.

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