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Gift Basket Ideas

You need to get someone a gift. It could be one person or a group; someone special or a professional acquaintance. Whoever it is, there's a basket out there that sends the right message, that's appropriate, and that fits your budget. That's the key to a good gift basket idea. It's not about buying the most expensive basket with the shiniest wrappings; it's about giving something meaningful to the recipient.

Your buddy loves hanging out at the pub, but that doesn't mean you should get him and his wife a BBQ/beer basket for their 20th wedding anniversary. Smoked sausage and barbeque sauce are a "booyah" for his birthday, but less of a boon for a more reverent celebration. Instead, seek out something with a more grown-up theme for an anniversary- maybe something with chocolates, gourmet cheese, or a bottle of champagne. Or not - you know them best. Get it? Gift baskets are designed to be diverse enough to fit any occasion - and it's up to you how to use them.

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Baskets Ideas For Kids
What to get kids these days? Gift baskets bring to mind boring adult stuff like truffles, stinky cheese, and coffee... so that's out, right? Wrong! Try one loaded with cookies, games, or toys. There are gift baskets for kids, for birthdays and even baskets,tailored to cure boredom or stress relief for the traveler or student. If they seem like they're okay in the snack department, figure this - there are gift baskets with crayons, stuffed animals, and every other type of kid-specific goodie. Consider the kid, consider their parents (maybe), and consider a basket full of "awesome stuff" to rocket yourself to "cool relative" status.

Ideas for Everyone Else
Sometimes we have to get a gift for someone we don't know that well. An obligatory gift might be for a coworker, an employee, the garbage man (would it kill you to say, "thank you?"), or maybe even your own mother. Some gift ideas are incredibly personal, but many are simply a treasure trove of treats that anyone can enjoy.

The trick with giving a gift to someone you don't know personally is to be as broad as possible. Whoever said that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach was right; but it doesn't have to be a man, or even their heart that you're after. The only thing better than gourmet food is gourmet food that arrives unexpectedly.

Gourmet bakery/dessert gift baskets are a staple - who doesn't like decadent desserts? But, if you know they're sour on sugar, there are gift baskets that are a little more health-conscious. Healthy gift baskets are full of exotic fruits, nuts, crackers; whatever you can imagine! Also, it's a good idea to ask around and find out if they're lactose intolerant or if they stay kosher - sending a cheese or a kosher gift basket could be heroic or disastrous! See - being thoughtful isn't that hard! But if can't sink your teeth into sending food or drink, check out the "just because" section for more creative selections that almost anyone will enjoy. These ideas are great for men or women, children or seniors.

A Good Idea is Always Nearby
Really, any gift basket idea is a good one! Baskets can not only be thoughtful, but are great for any moment deserving of thanks, sympathy, or congratulations. Be it a new baby, new job, congrats on quitting a bad job, congrats on breaking up with a bad boyfriend, a wedding gift, a bribe (no judgment), congratulations for completing a stamp collection, the most awesome Easter basket ever, a birthday, a house warming, a... whew! The point is, if it comes from you and it comes from the heart, gift baskets are always welcome and always treasured.

An aptly-chosen gift basket comes with the rare longevity and symbolism that is the goal of every gift. For days and days, your basket will be the centerpiece of the recipient's home or office. Your gift message will be visible for all to see as a symbol of your thoughtfulness. So take a few minutes and think about whom you're shopping for - the right gift basket idea will make all the difference.

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