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Shopping for a Nut Gift Basket

Perfect for health-conscious cousins, flavorful friends, and snacky significant others, nut gift baskets bring a bounty of natural deliciousness to the doorstep. Gourmet nuts come in all shapes, sizes, roasts, and mixes, and are a great way to spice up the usual offerings of chocolates, cookies, and other gift basket fare. The world is abuzz about healthy eating these days - and it turns out these tasty nuts are an excellent source of cholesterol-reducing unsaturated fats, fiber, vitamins and minerals, and much more. Also, they're amazing with sweets, beer, fruit, and just about anything else you'll find in a basket. Here are some of our favorite kinds of nut gift baskets.

Sweet & Savory Assorted Nut and Snack Basket

Gourmet Nut Assortments
In the purest of all baskets, the nut assortment offers just what its name implies. Almonds, pistachios, cashews, snack mixes, and more find themselves arranged in boxes and tins for your sampling pleasure. These are a great way to introduce someone to the world of nutrition and healthier snacking. With so many types at their disposal, your recipient can discover the nut that suits their tastes.

Fruit and Nut
With beautiful presentations of classic pairings, fruit and nut gift baskets truly represent nature's bounty. Proving that sugar isn't all that makes things sweet, these baskets are as healthy as they are delicious. From fresh apples paired with coated almonds, a mixture of savory nuts accompanying sweet cherries, or ultra-decadent chocolate-and-nut-coated frozen bananas, healthy nuts find themselves crumbled, roasted, and included in tons of our baskets.

Salty Sweet
Want something that's both unexpectedly delicious and deliciously trendy? Salty and sweet is one of the hottest culinary combinations today, and with good reason. A number of baskets are available to send someone a sample of this taste sensation - roasted nuts with fruit, savory nuts with chocolate, and nuts with root beer, to name just a few. Maybe someone you know doesn't think they'd choose healthy as a snack food. This is how you change their mind.

Gourmet Gift Baskets
Like a balanced diet, a true gourmet basket provides a wide variety of upscale snacks and treats. Many include chocolate, crackers, wine, meats, and more from around the world, but almost all include nuts. These may be the only food around that are naturally buttery-rich while maintaining a doctor-approved bill of health. Gourmet nuts are included in the basket as the perfect complement to nearly all of your favorite fancy foods.

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