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Spa Gift Basket Ideas

A Relaxing Gift Basket?
You may be wondering what it is that makes a spa or a relaxation gift basket stand out from the other baskets on this site. It's not like eating chocolates or sipping wine stresses a person out. And there is definitely no extreme idea that will raise the recipient's heart rate. But these gift baskets are made specifically to zone the recipient out. So what makes them so much more therapeutic?

Nikki's by Design Relax and Pamper Kit Spa Gift Basket

Spa Ideas
There's a certain level of intimacy with the spa gift basket. Most of these scented parcels come with lotions and oils, bath salts, mists and powders. These make for a relaxing and rejuvenating bubble bath, sure, but that just isn't enough! It's time for you to brainstorm for ideas about who you are shopping for and what would be the most heavenly experience for them. How can you turn an already serene experience like a soak in the tub into a transcendental moment? Simple. It's all about the little things.

Put yourself in their shoes (or slippers). What would feel melt all your cares away? You're in the tub, the water is hot but not too hot, you close your eyes and lean your head back - BONK! Hey - what was that? A blunt porcelain reminder of bathtub density! A waffle weave bath pillow is a great spa gift idea. Perfect support and comfort soothes the neck as a facial mask does its work to revitalize and soften the skin. Oh, yeah, facial masks are another great thing to look for! Or, if you think they'd rather stay busy in the bath, get them a basket that includes the Book of Zen or some other peaceful book that they can read. Better yet, find a book that you know they would enjoy and slide it into the gift basket as a little extra gift.

Extras for Spa Gift Baskets
A loofah and a body brush are also welcome additions to the spa setting you're making for that special someone. These items will not only provide a deeper clean by scrubbing away dead skin cells, they also provide a much appreciated massage to their muscles that are now all supple and limber from the hot water. The only thing that would make this scenario even better is if they had something to drink... like tea! Look out for spa baskets that include a beautiful little tea pot with white tea. But something seems missing, doesn't it? We put ourselves in their shoes, but forgot to set the mood before hopping into the bath! If we get out now, water will splash everywhere! REWIND...

Set the Mood with a Spa Gift Basket
There are spa baskets with candles that, when lit, fill the room with a soothing perfume and create a romantic ambiance and sense of peace. Make sure whatever items you buy sweeten the air with the smells your recipient will actually enjoy. Hint: if you happen to know that they are allergic to cinnamon - avoid cinnamon. Jasmine? Lavender? Vanilla? If it's an infatuating aroma from citrus to flower, we there's a gift basket idea for that.

This is your chance to create an atmosphere for the person you care about. It's about turning part of their home into their own personal Shangri-La for an hour or so on a Sunday afternoon. Rose petals that dissolve in the water, aromatherapy potpourri, a CD of natural sounds and rhythms; all of these things make for a great gift idea and set the scene for nirvana to happen. All the person receiving it needs is the right suds, fragrance, and time alone with themselves or with you.

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