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Spa Gift Baskets

It Doesn't Matter if You Don't Know Wwhat a Loofah Is.
Purchasers of spa gift baskets are most commonly friends of women or the men that those women choose to associate with. The former are generally pretty knowledgeable when it comes to spa gifts, whereas the latter, motivated by the doghouse or a desire to climb into the favor of said women for whatever reason, often need a crash course. This is mostly directed at them.

Citrus Spa Gift Basket

Color Is not an Indicator of What You Should Buy.
First off, when thinking of what kind of spa package to purchase your beloved, don't think that her favorite color, be it blue or orange, is the color of the spa package you should buy. All of our spa baskets are carefully packaged in an attractive manner with thoughtful color schemes. Your job is to somehow discern what kind of products she is interested in, and perhaps what kind of scents she likes.

If you are clueless as to how this might be done, that's not ideal, but still okay. The products in our spa gift baskets are generally useful on a daily basis, with special bath salts and assorted other things being kind of a special-occasion pampering. And it is very possible there are no scents that she doesn't like.

What's in a Spa Gift Basket?
Among the daily standbys you'll find in our spa gifts are soaps, powders, body mists, lotions and body scrubs (that's where the loofah comes in). These are all pretty safe buys for any woman. Of course, they are all scented, and scents can inspire strong reactions, both good and bad. So if you don't want to risk snooping in her bathroom just yet, we just suggest you ask. If done carefully, you might not spoil the surprise, but in the end, it doesn't matter. We'd hate for you to make a bad impression and for her to have to send something back.

When All Else Fails, Champagne and Chocolate
When in doubt, you can't go wrong with quality chocolates and champagne to go with a nice hot bath. This adds a little to your price tag, but a whole lot of security when the package arrives. And just to be sure, a good brut champagne or a chardonnay are good choices here. Good luck, gents!

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