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Wedding Gift Basket Ideas

Imagine the newlyweds opening their gifts at the party. Whoa - that's a lot. The happy couple opens one, smiles, and says "Thank you." On to the next gift wrapped package. It's yours - hold your breath. If it was another blender, they'd have to get all the way back from Hawaii just to return it. But you had a brilliant idea and got them a gorgeous basket as a wedding gift. Sadly, they aren't going to halt the festivities of the wedding reception and show off every treat and trinket in the basket you gave them. No, no; the couple will be able to discover their basket on, and even after, the honeymoon - it's the gift that keeps on giving! Keeping this in mind, we step back into the present time. You're at, we've got tons of ideas, and it's time to pick out the perfect gift. Let's do this!

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Celebratory Wedding Gift Basket Ideas
Since it's a celebration, it might be a good idea to buy a gift basket that has a bottle of bubbly in it. But this isn't Animal House - weddings are romantic, too - so getting the couple a batch of chocolate covered strawberries might fit the mood even better. Wine and cheese gift baskets are celebratory, delicious, and scream high style. Well, maybe not scream because - that's not very stylish - but they certainly state their refined style boldly! And don't be afraid to add an extra gift with a personal touch to any of these gift baskets as well. A locket with a photo of the two lovers, an elegant picture frame they can fill with a photo of the ceremony, a mixtape or a small keepsake box that they can stuff with mementos are all great wedding gift basket ideas with a personal flair.

Romantic Wedding Gift Basket Ideas
Remember how, when we looked to the future reception, the blushing bride refrained from opening the mesmerizing gift basket? There are so many gifts during this part of the evening that it's hard for any gift to stand above the rest. So why should you settle for fading into the background? Why not be clever and romantic about this, eh? Find out where those two crazy lovebirds are staying on their honeymoon and have the gift basket sent right to their room! They'd be delighted that you were thinking about them long after the special day had passed and no other gifts from friends or relatives will have to share the spotlight with your beautiful present. And seeing as how the couple have made the perfect escape and are living the life of luxury, why not add to their relaxation getaway with a spa gift basket? These baskets can come with candles, lotions, and bath salts. A little champagne or some rich chocolate could really enhance the honeymoon, and it'll all be thanks to you.

So, as you wade through a registry rife with panini makers and tablecloths, remember the elegance and the romance of a wedding gift basket. When looking for the right gift basket idea, remember these three things: be personal, be thoughtful, and have fun! Hopefully one of these lovely suggestions sparked a clever and romantic idea of your own and soon you'll just have to sit back, relax, and wait for the "thank you" card.

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