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Wine Gift Basket Ideas features some of the finest cheeses and wines to ever be swaddled in wicker and topped with a bow. Each of these baskets has presentation down to an art, so finding the right look is as simple as zooming in on the photos that accompany each individual gift basket. But the truth is, what's inside the basket is what really matters. If you're not an expert, we're got loads of ideas. Below is a quick rundown of wines basket ideas that are great for every occasion.

Wine and Chocolate Assortment Gift Basket

For a Small Get-together
For a dinner party of any sort, the best gift is wine. This inexorable truth has to be because wine is stylish, it's delicious, and - if everybody drinks enough of it - it makes a party magically becomes more fun. If it's just a birthday party; look for a wine sure to impress but not overly extravagant - like a Port or a Cabernet. Ask around before you make your purchase, though. Never buy a white wine when you know the gift recipient only likes red; the basket is for them after all. And for situations when you aren't as acquainted with the gift-ee you might want to just stick with a merlot, which, although common, is a top grape variety that's sure to please.

In Case of Massive Merriment
For big celebrations, it's best to go traditional: send or bring a basket with a bottle of bubbly. You know; sparkling wine; champagne; the wine so nice they named it thrice! Nothing says "congratulations," "thanks," or "woo-hoo" like a fountain of effervescence. Champagne is ideal for house warming parties, engagements, or even a new baby. And don't think that champagne is too elaborate or expensive. You can find a wine or champagne gift basket for less than you think. You can even get a cheese and wine gift basket or a wine and chocolate gift basket for the entire wedding party without emptying your pockets.

Speaking of cheese and chocolates, pairing the right food with the right wine isn't something you should fret over. Yes, there is a consensus that this wine goes best with that berry tart, but everyone's tastes are different. Nevertheless, here are a few pointers if you want to get technical about your gourmet couplings.

A Little ___ to Go With That Wine
First and foremost, don't get stressed out about pairing the perfect food and drink. If it tastes good then it is good. These are nothing more than popular suggestions for what's commonly believed to be a tasty combo. It's definitely subjective: there are some who swear that fish tastes terrible with red wine yet divine with white. Then there are some who disagree, and - of course - some who feel passionately the opposite.

For the most part, wine/food pairings follow what would seem common. If it's a light colored food, you want a white wine. If it's a dark food, then a red wine is the obvious choice. For some of us, flavors should be at similar levels of intensity, but there are those few of us who also like to wash down a snack of peppers with a glass of milk. So keep in mind who you're buying for and what they like! Cabernet has a full, robust flavor so if you don’t want to overpower the flavor of the dinner or the treats inside of your gift basket, don't match it with something light. Sweet candies or chocolates are said to be best with port, while creamy wine like a chardonnay is best with cheeses.

There are also some snooty types that swear by matching wines and foods according to what regions they come from, but let's just keep it to the simple matchups we've made above. Picking out presents should never have to be a stressful chore. To make things even simpler, just pick whatever basket looks the prettiest! Just have fun with this, and don't over think. The mere fact that you thought enough to get a gift basket in the first place is the best gift of all.

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