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Top Christmas Gifts Received in Film

Deck the halls and get ready to celebrate the 25 days of Christmas with some of the top Christmas gifts ever to grace the silver screen.

1. Home Alone
The Talkboy Macaulay Culkin received in the first Home Alone pales in comparison to the gift of having his parents' house all to himself ... and avoiding a long night with a Pepsi-filled Fuller. But even so, a gift that lets you record people's voices and use it later for your own schemes is a winner. How else will you tell someone to "Keep the change, ya filthy animal"?

2. Love Actually
Love is the ultimate gift in this borderline saccharine-saturated holiday favorite, but the characters in these interwoven stories do manage to come up with some pretty unique ways of showing it. After all, who wouldn't love a poster-board declaration of love complete with the promise to love someone until they turn into a shriveled mummy?

3. Miracle on 34th Street
It's hard to top getting your dream house, a new dad, and a personal relationship with Santa as a Christmas gift, which is what makes Susan Walker's Christmas wish one of the most memorable Christmas gifts in film. Some might even call it a (say it with us) miracle.

Santa Claus taking present orders

4. Christmas Vacation
It's no wine of the month club, but we'd venture to say that membership in the Jelly of the Month Club is even better. Clark Griswold might disagree with this part of his bonus gift, but no one can argue that it's definitely unique.

5. The Santa Clause
One of the most beloved Christmas movies of all time (and arguably Tim Allen's greatest work if you ask us) also features some of the greatest Christmas gifts found in film. The Oscar Meyer wiener whistle, Mystery Date game - talk about a blast from the nostalgic past. And can anything top a trip to the North Pole with your dad, who just happens to be Santa Claus?

6. How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Most people don't think of gift theft as a good gift, but if you don't steal them, how can you return them? That's exactly what the Grinch does just that when he steals and then returns all the gifts in Who-ville. Some might call it re-gifting, but there's just something about seeing all those gifts returned to all the Who-boys and Who-girls that makes your heart grow two sizes.

7. A Christmas Story
Perhaps the most iconic Christmas gift in film is the Red Ryder BB Gun Ralphie gets. And even if it does shoot your eye out, the BB gun still makes a better Christmas gift than Aunt Clara's pink bunny suit pajamas.

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