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Care Packages

Just because they're far away doesn't mean they know to buy laundry detergent when they're out of it.

Remember, socks, underwear, detergent, healthy food, and towels are the five most forgotten things among people who are completely unfamiliar with the day-to-day maintenance of their own human life. We made that up, but it might as well be true. And while we don't have much to offer in terms of socks and underwear, the rest can be found in abundance in our selection of care packages.

We're not limited to the basics either. Let's say you've got somebody who does indeed know how to care for himself or herself. That means they get extra nice things because you comfortably know that they have enough of the things listed above. Among such things you can provide are tasty Snyder snacks, modest amounts of candy, plush animals, and assorted salty snacks great for hanging out or watching a ball game.

Ultimate Troop Care Package

Who gets a care package?

Care packages are most often delivered with love from a mother to a physically grown child who still needs the occasional reminder to groom, sleep, and eat right. But there are people all over the world who are could use a hand seeing to these basic things, regardless of age or relation to a caring woman. In this respect, just about anyone can be the recipient of a care package. Do your part and kindly remind someone that they need to replace those decade-old kitchen towels and maybe stock some cleaning supplies.

Of course, it's silly to think these should only go to the young and careless. Care packages are appropriate for anyone you care about. Some of our favorites among customers are combination care package/gift baskets that cater to birthdays or to the recipients interests. We have special ones for sports fans, health food nuts, and those with a discriminating sweet tooth.

Especially for the Convalescent
Perhaps the most commonly purchased are those for the ill or recovering. It's tough when bad luck puts you on your back for a while, and even in good health, it takes time to get back on your feet. This is when friends and family need to reach out and offering some time-saving help and good nutrition for convalescing friends or family.

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