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Easter Gift Baskets

Nobody's going to find any eggs if you don't buy them first.

You may scoff at the rampant consumerism that has enveloped every wholesome holiday, you may say you don't much care for milk chocolate, you may even say you're not afraid of man in a giant bunny costume. But when the day comes, you know these things aren't true and Easter must be embraced with all the candy, joy and fear that come with it.

Mrs. Beasley's Spring Teacakes Gift Basket

With that in mind, it's time to consider your Easter baskets and assorted greetings to hand out to family and friends. Often, people go with standards such as super high sugar marshmallow ducks and bunnies, or a two-pound bunny's head made of milk chocolate. You might, however, want to consider some of our cookie packages; something nice paired with a glass of milk or cup of coffee.

Hold the sugar

We hate to spoil a party, but how much spun sugar, chocolate, marshmallow and hard candy can a body consume? If you are packing a basket yourself and notice enough sweets for seven days worth of calories for a grown adult, around 14,000, then perhaps it's time to bulk up your basket with some fresh fruit. And what's wrong with a whole carrot or two? After all, the secular representative of this holiday is a bunny. If that's too health conscious, maybe raisins or some dried apricots. Your Easter gift basket doesn't have to be a tummy ache waiting to happen. Just a thought.

And why not something for the adults?

Very often, Easter's lighter side is displayed for the kids. Vibrant eggs, that plastic grass in the baskets, subpar chocolate, the kind of things kids flip for in their Easter gift baskets. This year, when you're thinking about whether to go with a ham or a rib roast, whichever way you go, go for a premium selection of Ghirardelli chocolates or some fresh fruit covered in good chocolate. Keep it hidden, just like the eggs, but don't tell anyone who's not involved in preparing the meal or washing grass stains off of whites.

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