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Fruit Baskets

There's No Replacement for Fresh
Did you strike out last year with your health conscious friends by buying them a gift basket teeming with trans fats, sugar, and preservatives masquerading as human sustenance? If so, here's your chance to redeem yourself.

Fruit Medley Gift Box

Good for Your Body, Good for Your Head
We all know that eating fruit is an important part of any diet, but sometimes don't heed this common sense advice. Especially when it comes to gift giving, we tend to think that it somehow isn't as special if it's not a rich indulgence like chocolate, sausage or cheese. This may make sense if you are commonly picking your fruits off-season and without an eye for quality, but we can assure you the flavors from fresh, high-quality fruit like those in our fruit baskets are just as eye-popping as any "indulgence" you can imagine. Plus, you can't really eat too much fresh fruit, but as our heads and bellies often tell us, it's all too easy to overeat on richer foods.

Fruits, Spreads, Cheese, Crackers
Don't get mixed up thinking that this is all about only the healthiest snack food available. We encourage indulgence with our fresh fruit baskets, and we think they tend to enhance the experience of eating rich foods. As such, we offer plenty of delicious, rich cheeses and sweet spreads in our fruit gift baskets, to be served with buttery crackers and the delicious seasonal fruit.

Mind the Picture
Our fresh fruit baskets suppliers play it smart and only pack the best the season has to offer. This is just the way it goes, people; if you want apples that haven't travelled across the globe or sat in a semi-ripe state for months, then you get apples in the fall. But we have smart farmers and diverse sources, so the actual restrictions on what is available aren't all that bad. Basically, be forewarned, the package that is delivered may not resemble precisely the fruit basket image you click on, but it will be packed with care and full of healthy, natural sweetness at its seasonal best.

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