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Christmas Gift Ideas for the Movie Buff

Gift certificates to the local movie theater are great as a stocking stuffer, but finding something to put under the tree for the movie buff in your life can be a bit more challenging. Go for an Academy-Award worthy reaction with these Christmas gift ideas for the movie buff on your list.

1. Movie Night Gift Basket
Invest in a large, decorative popcorn bowl and start stocking it with all the must-have movie night essentials needed to kick back and enjoy a favorite film. Include popcorn, classic movie candy, a drink of choice, and a DVD to watch so your favorite movie buff can enjoy the movie-theater experience in the comfort of their own home.

2. Movie Soundtrack
Imagine your favorite movie set to the compelling sound of … silence. Not so compelling is it? Movie soundtracks define movies almost as much as the actors who bring them to life. A gift basket of classic movie soundtracks will make it easy for your movie buff to find their own theme song.

"Movie soundtracks define movies almost as much as the actors who bring them to life."

3. Autographs
If you're willing to stake out a celeb's house in order to get the perfect Christmas gift, an autograph from your movie buff's favorite star can go a long way. If you're not willing to resort to hiding in the bushes, make sure to get your autograph from an authentic autograph shop. Your autograph can even be included in a larger tribute basket to your movie buff's favorite screen idol - an actor's best movies, autograph, etc.

Bucking Broadway Movie Poster

4. Dinner and A Movie Gift Basket
Dinner and a movie is a standby date for a reason - it's a classic. Stock a gift basket with your movie buff's favorite DVD or tickets to the movies plus a restaurant gift certificate. Feeling domestic? Skip the restaurant and cook dinner at home. Just make sure to store perishable ingredients in the fridge, rather than the gift basket.

5. Movie Rental or Streaming Subscription
Who wants to leave the house to rent a DVD when all you want to do is curl up on the couch with the newest blockbuster? Gift the movie fanatic in your life with a movie rental service that will deliver movies right to your door - or even to your TV with the click of a button. That way they can get more than one movie at a time and can watch them whenever they want.

6. Movie Memorabilia
Most movie buffs tend to love anything associated with their favorite film, actor, director, producer, you name it - that's what makes them such super-fans. Do a little research and you'll find a wide range of movie memorabilia out there, from movie props to movie posters to commemorative T-shirts. Knowing your movie fanatics favorite film makes it easy to compile these unique articles into a creative, thoughtful Christmas gift basket.

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