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Spooky Halloween Gift Baskets

Nothing scary about these tasty treats

When Halloween comes around, we know it's time to throw our self-control and, at times, self-respect by the wayside and really gorge on some good sweets. All your favorites from childhood are suddenly everywhere you look and there is nothing to do but resign yourself to sweet nostalgia and dig into the candy corn, sweet tarts, and cupcakes. The list is endless, is it not?

But before you make the trip down to the corner drugstore or grocer, check out these great Halloween gift baskets for the special ghouls and boys in your neighborhood, family, or school. A Halloween basket makes for a much more festive occasion than ripping open a couple packages of bite-sized candy bars and sweet tarts.

Mrs. Beasley's Haunted Ghost Tower

What's So great about Halloween?

Halloween is probably a more revered holiday than many people acknowledge. Whether you're 6 or 60, it's a time to cut loose, indulge your sweet tooth, and relax without the formal trappings of, ironically, those more "hallowed" holidays. So be prepared to do your part to make Halloween a fun day (or hopefully two or three) by buying a festive Halloween gift basket prepared with all the flair and fun that the holiday deserves.

Halloween is unique among holidays in that it is usually spent with friends rather than the family, and in that you are dressed as a crazed bloody surgeon or a sexy vampire.

A Veritable "Bboo-ffet" of Sweets
What, specifically, do we have on offer in our Halloween baskets, you ask? Well, you know there's the candy corn, the cupcakes, and all sorts of assorted decorations for your enjoyment. Obviously, the standard Halloween fare is covered.

For something a little less traditional, though, we've got gift baskets with fresh baked cookies made with real butter (you certainly don't see that on Halloween night), fine wine, and even some premium Ghirardelli chocolate squares. Let's face it, Halloween is typically about quantity over quality, and if you're buying for the kids, that's great. But you, the sophisticated shopper, also need to supply things for yourself and your friends. That's where our Halloween baskets come in. Glad to be of service.

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