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Thanksgiving Gift Baskets

This bounty isn't going to give thanks to itself

Mrs. Beasley's Thanksgiving Gift Tower

Some Holiday Advice for Spreading Yourself Around
Because of that oh-so-annoying fact that you are limited to being one place at any given time, you may find it difficult to celebrate with all the folk you'd like to. In fact, you may find it difficult to see other people at all during Thanksgiving since you're spending all your time with the extended family that you've neglected since Christmas.

It's okay; people do this across the world. The holidays are there to remind us to see those who are important in our lives. But don't forget that you are also thankful for those with whom you can't share the holidays. Thanksgiving gift baskets provide an excellent, and easy way, to show that you appreciate someone's presence in your life, even though you can't spend the holiday with them. Inevitably, if you did, you'd end up spending the day with their family, and nobody wants to hang around and listen to some other family air their dirty laundry.

What's in a Thanksgiving Basket?
Not pumpkin pie, that's for sure. But we've definitely rounded up some very delicious delicacies that will definitely add variety to the typical Thanksgiving table. And the more the merrier, right? Be careful not to eat too much cheese and crackers or salty snacks lest you get too full to eat too much turkey and mashed potatoes.

Perhaps You're Familiar with This Problem
You have great taste, you prefer quality, you have opinions about wine, or at least prefer your reds at room temp. Your relatives, gracious and hospitable hosts that they are, have different ideas about what the finer things in life are. No worries, we've got an excellent solution.

Happily, the Thanksgiving gift basket, in addition to being great as a gift, addresses the "family taste gap" with ease. You'll get to say things like this, "Well, instead of this massive cheeseball covered in corn flakes, why don't we just crack into this wedge of smoked gouda?" Or better still, "Gosh, Uncle Joe, I don't think there's time before dinner to properly chill this wine, I guess we'll just have to drink it warm."

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.

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