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The Worst Valentine's Gifts

Finding Valentine's Day gift ideas is a difficult and sometimes harrowing process for many. The primary gift-giving reason on February 14th is to show that we didn't mess up gift-giving on February 14th, and the pressure to earn another 364 days of love is high. There are plenty of safe routes to take when picking a Valentine's gift - gift baskets, flowers, or a night out on the town - but there are also lots of pitfalls out there that'll land you in the proverbial doghouse. You know your Valentine best, but it won't hurt to follow our guide of Valentine's gifts to avoid.

Whether or not your Valentine's a homemaker, "You should take care of this" is not a romantic sentiment. Even if she's been complaining about the coffeemaker, a replacement won't pull on her heartstrings, and you may end up with a hot cuppa loneliness.

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Valentine's is meant to be kept in your heart, not on a printed crewneck. Lots of cut-rate companies put out cheesy Valentine's shirts and worse - think pink heart-themed hats, pants, and more - but they entirely miss the point. These sorts of gifts confuse keepsake with souvenir.

Your Favorite Things
"Happy Valentine's Day, honey! I got us that new flatscreen we've been talking about." If the "we" in your gift idea is really "me," stay away. Entwined as you and your lover's hearts may be, confusing your desires and theirs is a surefire miss when it comes to gift-giving.

A Spot in the Buffet Line
Don't fall for one of those "special" Valentine's dinners at the local family-style dining joint. It's meant to be about the special connection between you and your Valentine, not about getting in line for a mass-produced filet mignon with every other local couple. Head to a spot that's meaningful to the both of you, or at the very least comes with a waiter and a two-person table.

Coupon Books
Seems sweet, right? "One evening of peace and quiet." "One month of taking out the trash." "Two free backrubs." Reminding your better half of your faux-pas (or of the great things you don't normally deem necessary) isn't a good way to get in their good graces. They won't want to use them, and you'll feel weird when they do.

Basically, there are a lot of ways to do Valentine's Day wrong, but there are just as many ways to do it right. When dreaming up a gift for your dreamy date, try this - think about them. Whether you give a gift basket full of their favorite treats, go out to dinner and a show, or do something totally off-the-wall that you know they really love, a truly personal gift that celebrates your relationship is the only proper way.

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